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You will receive weekly online timesheets whilst on your TSS assignment. Please ensure you submit your hours at the end of each week to avoid unnecessary delay in your timesheets being authorised for payroll. 

Please remember:

  • Do not enter hours for days you are not working
  • Submit a zero hours timesheet for the whole week if you are not working by selecting the ‘did not work this week’ box
  • Breaks are unpaid - the timesheet will automatically deduct break times from hours worked

Please read our timesheet user guide for further information on how to complete your timesheets.





The TSS payroll is processed monthly and runs from the middle of each month. For example, if you start working mid-January, you will be paid at the end of February for all hours worked up to mid-February. This may mean waiting a little longer for your first payment depending on which part of the month you start in. 

TSS Timesheet deadlines 2024

Here is a list of upcoming timesheet deadlines. If you do not submit your timesheets before the deadline we will not be able to pay you for those hours until the next payroll run. 


The table below shows monthly dates for timesheet deadlines in 2024
Pay month Deadline
January 10am Monday 15 January 
February  10am Monday 12 February
March 10am Monday 18 March
April 10am Monday 15 April
May 10am Monday 13 May
June 10am Monday 17 June
July 10am Monday 15 July
August 10am Monday 12 August
September 10am Monday 16 September
October  10am Monday 14 October
November 10am Monday 11 November
December 12pm Friday 6 December


All payments are made via BACS transfer on the penultimate working day of each month and a payslip will be posted to your home address. Here is a list of upcoming pay dates. Please ensure you have provided us with a new starter and HMRC form (or P45) before you start working. 

You can view your payslips and P60s online via the HR Self-Service webpage. This will also allow you to view and apply for internal-only University vacancies via the Internal Job Board, which you are eligible to apply for whilst you are working in a TSS assignment.

Leaving TSS or transferring to another University department? 

If you are leaving TSS please let us know so we can arrange for your P45 to be issued and any remaining holiday accrual to be paid to you. If you are transferring to another University department a P45 will not be issued and we will process any remaining holiday accrual for you. Whether you are leaving or transferring you will need to return your University card to TSS as soon as your assignment has finished. 

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