Assignment information

Congratulations on your TSS assignment, we hope you are enjoying your work so far!

Whilst you are on assignment you may find the following information useful:

University card

You will be issued with a University card when you start your first assignment with us. 

If you lose your University card please inform us immediately so we can cancel it. You will need to pay a £15 replacement fee for a new card.

If your card has been stolen please inform us immediately so we can cancel the card. There will be no charge for a replacement in this case but you will need to provide us with a crime reference number so we can request a new card for you. 

If you are in between assignments or leaving TSS you must return your University card to us as soon as possible.

Single Sign-On (SSO) and University email address

The SSO is your Oxford username and will give you access to a range of web-based services including your University of Oxford email address. Your SSO will be issued to you when you start your first assignment with us. Your university email account is created 24 hours after your card and will be in this format: IT Services will send an activation code for your account to your personal email. 

SSO expiry 

If your University card has expired then your SSO will no longer work. You will need to contact us to request a new card.


Reporting absence 

If you are unable to go to work you must inform your line manager and TSS as soon as possible. You can contact your department via telephone or email your line manager and copy in It is important that you communicate your absence in a timely manner so arrangements can be made for cover if required. 

Updating your CV

As you approach the end of a temporary assignment we would recommend you update your CV with your latest skills and experience and send this to us so we can update our records. If you require further guidance on writing your CV please review our CV tips.

Leaving TSS or transferring to another University department?

We understand that your circumstances may change whilst you are working for us and this may impact on your availability to finish your temporary assignment. Whist there is no contractual notice period for temporary workers, we would appreciate as much notice as reasonably possible to ensure a smooth transition. 

If you are leaving TSS please let us know so we can arrange for your P45 to be issued and any remaining holiday accrual to be paid to you. If you are transferring to another University department a P45 will not be issued and we will process any remaining holiday accrual for you. Whether you are leaving or transferring you will need to return your University card to TSS as soon as your assignment has finished. 

Problems with your assignment

We hope that your TSS assignment will be interesting, rewarding and enjoyable however we understand that occasionally problems may occur. If you need support you can call us anytime or pop into our office for a confidential chat.

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