Research Terms and Conditions


The grade and full-time salary range for the role will be detailed in the advertisement and the job description and selection criteria document. If the post you are applying for is part-time the salary will be pro-rata to the number of hours you work.

Your starting salary will reflect your qualifications and experience. If your post is in grades 6-10 your salary will normally be automatically increased on 1 October each year (subject to completing three months service) until you have reached the normal maximum of the grade. Increases beyond this point may be available in certain cases as there is also a small ‘discretionary range’ for each grade.

For posts on grades RSIV, your starting salary will be agreed on an individual basis, taking into consideration your skills, experience, and personal qualities.

University salary scales are reviewed at a national level on 1 August each year.

For further details of the University’s salary scales visit


Hours of Work

Staff on academic-related grades (grades 6 – 10 and ALC6) work such hours as are reasonably required to carry out their duties to the satisfaction of the head of department, nominally 37.5 hours per week. Salary and holiday entitlement for part-time staff are calculated on a pro rata basis.

Pension Schemes

Eligible staff in grades 6 and above are automatically enrolled in the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS)  and into a salary exchange scheme, unless they choose to opt-out.


Probationary Period

The appointment is subject to satisfactory completion of a probationary period. The length of the probationary period will be set out in your contract of employment.



For a full-time appointment, the annual holiday entitlement will be 38 days (including bank holidays and some days to be taken in accordance with fixed closure periods in some departments).

For part-time posts the holiday entitlement is pro-rata.

Further information can be obtained from the recruiting department.


Sick Pay

Depending on length of service, employees who are absent from work through sickness or injury may be entitled to payment at the rate of full salary, for a period, through the University’s sick pay scheme.

For further details visit the staff handbook.


Family Leave Schemes

The University’s enhanced contractual maternity and adoption leave schemes provide new mothers and adoptive parents with primary care responsibility, who meet the eligibility criteria, with up to 52 weeks leave. This is made of up to 26 weeks full paid leave, up to a further 13 weeks leave on statutory benefits, and up to 13 weeks unpaid leave.

The University also offers an enhanced Shared Parental Leave scheme which gives the option for parents to share up to 50 weeks of the maternity/adoption leave and pay entitlement with their partner.

A paternity leave scheme provides two weeks paid leave to eligible new parents to support a primary carer.

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