Apprenticeship journey - Natalie Davis

Last week, we did a spotlight on the Laboratory Technician Apprenticeship training provider, CSR. The Apprenticeships Team decided to catch up with one of our previous apprentices who has recently completed this course.

Introducing... Natalie! Natalie started her apprenticeship journey back in 2018, and shares her reflections.

Natalie Davis, Apprentice Laboratory Technician, Dunn School of Pathology

Finishing my Apprenticeship

"It feels so strange to be writing about finishing my Apprenticeship. The past two years have gone by so quickly!

The Apprenticeship that I completed had two separate grades to it: the BTEC level 3 in Applied Science in which I got a D*D* (distinction*), and the overall Apprenticeship grade from my end point assessment (EPA). For me, this involved a whole day of being assessed including an observation of me working and carrying out different tasks, a professional discussion and then a case study test to apply my knowledge. At the end of this day I was very happy with how it went and I was very glad when I found out I had passed overall."

How do I feel now I have finished? 

"Well I am obviously very happy to have successfully completed my Apprenticeship! My overall experience as an apprentice has been such a positive one, and one where I have developed a wide range of skills and knowledge that I know I will be able to adapt to any future job. As well as this, I have developed confidence in my abilities and I know that will stick with me for a long time. Being an apprentice has kick-started my career and I am so glad I decided to do an Apprenticeship and not go to university." 

What I am doing now.... 

"I am very lucky in the fact I have been able to keep the same job. The wait to find out whether I was keeping my job seemed like a very long time due to the current pandemic situation, but I was very relieved and happy when I found out I still had my job. This has been such a positive end to my Apprenticeship and I am very grateful to be still working here."

Are there any differences to my job now? 

"Well the obvious difference is that I have a different job title now, which is ‘Teaching and Services Technician’. Another difference is that I am part of the Athena SWAN committee in my department, representing the professional support staff. Otherwise my job is exactly the same, just with the added bonus of a pay increase!"


Four years ago, when I was in the last year of my A Levels and making the decision whether to go to university, I never would have dreamed of working at Oxford University. Yet here I am those few years later, having completed my Apprenticeship and with a full-time job, all at a place I never would have imagined working. 

Read Natalie's case study on our website!

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