My Apprenticeship Journey: Expectations vs Reality

The apprenticeship team have taken on their very own apprentice, Max Evans, to support with the administration and recruitment of apprentices into the University.

Just one month in to his role, Max shares some of his experiences so far and how these differ from his expectations.

My Apprenticeship Journey: Expectation vs Reality

Written by: Max Evans

max evans

Why I chose this apprenticeship

During my A-Levels, I knew I wanted to do an apprenticeship, rather than going to University. This is because it would give me the opportunity to gain a qualification whilst also gaining valuable work experience. Whilst looking for an apprenticeship, this one stood out to me. A reason for this is that it isn’t the same tasks each day, the role involves event planning, marketing, etc. meaning each day is a breath of fresh air and doesn’t become repetitive. Furthermore, I would be working at one of the most renowned universities in the world. This is something I am proud to say I’m a part of. 

My first month in the role

For anyone starting a new job, especially their first job, you expect nerves. It is fair to say I was no exception to this rule, and the nerves were certainly there coupled with a healthy dose of excitement. However, everyone I met in my first few days, and continue to meet, were very welcoming and friendly. The team I work with continually put me in situations which benefit me. For example, in my first two weeks, I attended two career events and have a few more already planned. In addition, I became the co-leader of the apprenticeship network. The apprenticeship network is a social platform and is a great way for apprentices to meet others, share ideas and understand the wider functions of the University and appreciate how your own role fits within that of fellow apprentices.    

What I have learnt so far

My job role is quite diverse. It involves event planning, website editing, social media marketing, etc. These are all aspects which I am becoming more familiar with each day. Also, in my short time here I have been getting to grips with how systems operate, for example the University recruitment management platform and emails. As I progress through my apprenticeship, I am excited to see how I can develop my skills.

What I hope to gain from my apprenticeship

I am very much looking forward to continuing my time here as I have so much more to experience. In terms of what I hope to get out of my apprenticeship, I hope that I gain valuable experience in working in a well-established organisation, a greater level of confidence with talking to groups of people and a wider understanding of the University.

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