Apprenticeship Expo Week 2021


Over the last week during our internal apprenticeship expo, the apprenticeships team in our central HR department have taken time to help employees and managers consider apprenticeships as an option; not only to further their own professional development, but also to consider the skills gaps in their team and how apprenticeships can support this. Investing in our people is one of the key elements of our people strategy in which we aim to 'attract, recruit and retain the highest calibre of staff' and 'support staff in personal and professional development'.

We are working hard to break down barriers internally, to ensure that all employees are aware of the opportunities available with apprenticeship training - we still experience barriers in the perception of what an apprenticeship actually means. They are no longer just aimed at school leavers in limited occupations, but a way to really take forward your career with levels ranging from level 2 right up to level 7 (masters) and there are over 600 government approved apprenticeship standards.

- Apprenticeships Team

This year, like so many other events, the apprenticeship expo took place online through a series of online interactive sessions. The Apprenticeships Team saw over 260 employee sign ups to their events (more than ever before!). This growth in attendance from previous years shows the increase in interest for this type of learning. The weeklong event started with an introduction to apprenticeships on the Monday and finished with Q&A's with current apprentices and managers on the Friday.

The event was a huge success and the apprenticeships team would like to thank all of our employees and apprentices who took part.

Q & A Sessions

On the Friday, 6 of our apprentices/colleagues on apprenticeship training, and 4 of our apprentice managers took part in online Q&A panels, providing university employees the opportunity to hear from first-hand experiences.


Q&A with apprentices, University of Oxford

Q&A with apprentices, University of Oxford

  • Natalie Davis - completed Level 3 Lab Technician apprenticeship
  • Ellie Knight - currently completing Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship
  • Sophie Ward - currently completing Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship
  • Matthew Moxon - completed Level 4 Accounting apprenticeship, and currently completing Level 7 Accountancy Taxation Professional
  • Katie Chegwin - previously completed Level 3 & 4 Business Administration apprenticeships
  • Sue Morris - previously completed Level 5 HR apprenticeship


Q&A with apprentice managers, University of Oxford

Q&A with apprentice managers, University of Oxford

  • Liisa O'Brien - Liisa works in POD, and has managed two apprentices in the last few years
  • Russell Morris - Russell works as a Recruitment Manager in NDM
  • Jarlath Brine - Jarlath is the Staff Development Manager in Engineering Science
  • Helen Johnson - Helen is the Apprenticeship Manager and line managed an existing employee on the level 5 HR Apprenticeship

Top Tips

Our apprentice managers provided some top tips on hiring new entrant apprentices...

If you have a vacancy in your department, think about whether that could be an apprenticeship role... they could get to that level after their training.

- Liisa O'Brien

Any manager hiring an apprentice, look forward to the end project. What is it you want the end goal to be? Think about the long term goals.

- Jarlath Brine

Consider the relationship between line manager and mentor, someone for them to engage with. The education piece can be tough to work with, significant pressure whilst they are leaning the job so we find the mentor in place really gives them someone to go to.

- Russell Morris

Training Providers

Throughout the week, 10 of our training providers ran sessions on the below apprenticeships:

Training Provider Apprenticeship session
Abingdon & Witney College


Professional Services

Engineering & Trade

Chrysos Learning & Development
Firebrand Marketing & Software
Oxford Brookes Senior Leader
Digital Native Digital 
CSR Scientific
Basingstoke ITEC IT & Software
Qube Learning Project & Departmental Management
QA Degree Level Digital
Kaplan Accountancy Taxation


Want to find out more about apprenticeships? Contact the apprenticeship team on:

We have a number of new entrant apprentice vacancies currently live: